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zo 29 oktober 2017

Crypto currency coins with a high potential

Posted by radoeka in Crypto   

High potential Crypto Coins

In the table coins are listed with a buy indication higher than or equal to 18%, or that have been signaled by youtubers as high potential. The table also shows at which major exchange(s) the coins can be bought.

id name bittrex binance bitfinex livecoin litebit
bio BioCoin n n n y n
grs Groestlcoi y n n y y
fair Faircoin y n n n n
eos EOS n y y n n
qtum Qtum y y y y n
sys Syscoin y n n y n
rby Rubycoin y n n n n
sls Salus y n n n n
zen Zencash y n n n n
xcz Zcoin y n n n y
tx Transfercoin y n n y n
waves Waves y n n y y
lsk Lisk y n n y y
wtc Walton n y n n n
sub Substratum n y n n n


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